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Art Selling

Art Selling

To make money with art selling, find a niche market, build a strong social media presence, and create artwork that appeals to your target audience. Sell originals and prints through your website or online stores such as Etsy or Society6. Participate in art fairs and exhibitions to get your work in front of new potential customers.

Category:Passive Income


The average person can make $200-$300 per month selling arts and crafts.

The requirements for starting an arts selling business vary depending on the type of arts selling business you want to start. However, some general requirements that may be needed include obtaining a business license, registering your business with the state, and acquiring any necessary permits or insurance. You will also need to develop a marketing plan and create a website or online presence for your arts selling business.

⚠️Potential Risk
The risks of making money from art selling include the volatile nature of the art market, meaning values can drop suddenly; art's personal value making it hard to find buyers willing to pay what you think it's worth; and the possibility of your art being damaged or stolen.

📋Places to Start
1. 99 Designs — a site where people post design contests for people to enter and the prize is usually money. It's a good way to make money with art because you can enter as many contests as you want and there's a good chance you'll win at least one of them.

2. Crow Spring — a novel about a woman who makes money by selling her art.

3. Fine Art America — a website that allows artists to sell their artwork and make money from their sales.

4. Society6 — a website that helps artists sell their artwork. It is a great way to make money with art selling.

5. Imagekind — a website where artists can upload and sell their artwork. Artists can set their own prices, and Imagekind takes a percentage of each sale. this is a great way for artists to make money from their artwork.

6. Deviantart — an online gallery and community for artists. You can sell your art through Deviantart, and they take a commission from each sale.

7. Artstation — a website where artists can post and sell their artwork. It is a great platform for artists to sell their work and make money.

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