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Bug Bounties

Bug Bounties

💸$20,000/bug bounty

Bug Bounties are rewards given to individuals or teams for finding and reporting software bugs. Companies typically offer bounties to incentivize the public to help improve their products. To make money from a bug bounty, find a target to audit and identify vulnerabilities. Report the vulnerabilities to the target company and be sure to follow their reporting guidelines. If the bug is accepted, you will receive a reward for your work.



It is possible to make between $500 and $20,000 per bug bounty, depending on the severity of the issue and the bounty program* (source:


• An understanding of software development fundamentals.

• Ability to find and exploit vulnerabilities.

• Solid communication skills.

• Creativity to think outside the box.

• Technical know-how to write reports and documentation.

⚠️Potential Risk

Financial loss: Bug bounties are a monetary exchange and could result in a financial loss.

Unmet expectations: There's no guarantee the bounty will be fulfilled or that the bug will be fixed.

Security breach: The bug bounty program could open up a security breach if not properly managed and monitored.

Legal issues: There could be legal issues if the bounty is offered and accepted in a jurisdiction where it is not permitted.

Time commitment: Bug bounties require a significant amount of time and effort to manage and monitor.

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