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Digital Archivist

Digital Archivist

Education & Training

Digital Archivist is a profession responsible for organizing and preserving digital records. It involves managing databases, websites, emails, audio/video files and other digital documents. Digital Archivists should have knowledge in digital asset management, data security, data recovery and other IT-related fields. It is possible to make money through consulting, providing digital asset management services, and creating online courses. With the increasing demand for digital archivists, this profession is growing in popularity.

Category:Education & Training


The average salary for a Digital Archivist is $51,961 per year*, according to


Strong computer skills and a good understanding of digital archiving principles.

Ability to work quickly and accurately to meet deadlines.

Excellent organization and communication skills.

Ability to work independently and as part of a team.

Knowledge of best practices for digital archiving and preservation.

⚠️Potential Risk

Potential risk of data loss due to system failure.
Security risk due to unauthorized access.
Risk of financial mismanagement due to insufficient knowledge.
Risks of customer dissatisfaction due to insufficient archival quality.
Risk of inadequate archival safeguards due to lack of expertise.

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