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Driving Instructor Services

Driving Instructor Services


Driving Instructor Services provide instructions and guidance to individuals who want to learn how to drive. Instructors can make money by providing lessons to individuals and groups. They can also provide advice and tips on how to pass the driving test. In order to provide these services, instructors must be licensed and certified, and have knowledge of driving laws and regulations.



The average salary for a Driving Instructor is $49,000 per year* (Source: Glassdoor).


• Valid driver's license.  

• Reliable vehicle.  

• High quality instruction techniques.  

• Good customer service skills.  

• Local knowledge of driving routes and regulations.  

⚠️Potential Risk

Financial risk associated with investing in vehicles, insurance, and other overhead costs;

Liability risk from potential accidents and legal action taken by unsatisfied customers;

Risk of not attracting enough customers to be profitable;

Risk of not being able to keep up with competitors in terms of pricing and services; and

Risk of not being able to manage and maintain high-quality standards of instruction.

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