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Drone Rental Services

Drone Rental Services


Drone Rental Services provide customers with access to a variety of drones for commercial and recreational purposes. Whether it be for a specific project or event, drone rental services offer a great way to make money. To get started, research the market, obtain the necessary permits and licenses, set up a website, advertise your services, create a rental agreement, and ensure quality customer service. 



The average income from drone rental services is $100 - $150 per day*. Source:


1. Obtain an FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate.

2. Purchase quality drones and associated equipment.

3. Obtain necessary insurance coverage.

4. Create an online presence and website.

5. Develop a comprehensive safety and operational checklist.

⚠️Potential Risk

1. Risk of safety due to flying a drone in unfamiliar and/or restricted airspace.

2. Liability for loss or damage of equipment.

3. Insurance costs associated with drone rental services.

4. Increased competition from other drone rental services.

5. Risks of online payment fraud.

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