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Exam Proctors

Exam Proctors

Education & Training

Exam Proctors are individuals hired to monitor tests and exams, ensuring that no cheating or other inappropriate behavior occurs. They must be detail-oriented, have excellent communication skills and remain impartial to ensure the integrity of the exam. Proctors are typically paid by the hour, making it a viable source of income.

Category:Education & Training


$20/hour* (Source:


• Friendly and professional demeanor.

• Ability to enforce rules and regulations.

• Ability to remain impartial during exams.

• Excellent communication skills.

• Ability to work with minimal supervision.

⚠️Potential Risk

Fraudulent activities: Exam proctors may be at risk of fraudulent activities such as cheating, bribery or identity theft.

Security risks: The use of technology can bring security risks like data breaches, system disruption or malware.

Time constraints: Processing payments or dealing with customers can be time-consuming and require additional staff.

Tax implications: There may be legal implications when it comes to tax and other financial obligations.

Reputation damage: Providing a poor service or not following regulations may damage the reputation of the exam proctor.

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