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Haunted House Tours

Haunted House Tours

Arts & Entertainment

Haunted House Tours is a business that provides visitors with guided tours of spooky and eerie locations. Customers pay for the experience of being scared and thrilled by a haunted house tour. Businesses can make money by charging admission fees, selling souvenirs, or running food and beverage concessions. Promotion of the Haunted House Tour experience is essential to attract customers, and people should ensure that the tours are conducted in a safe and professional manner.

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$1,200/month* (Source:


1. Knowledge of local haunted house history and lore

2. Ability to narrate tour in a captivating and interesting way

3. Good organizational skills

4. Access to a vehicle to transport tour participants

5. Ability to market tours to potential customers

⚠️Potential Risk

Injury risks to staff and customers:
• Customers may be injured due to unsafe conditions, or staff may be injured due to dangerous tasks.
Property damage:
• Damage to the building, decorations, or other property due to customer negligence or accidents.
Liability issues:
• Customers may sue for injuries or property damage, or other legal issues may arise.
Financial losses:
• Potential losses due to theft, vandalism, or economic downturns.
Reputation damage:
• Negative publicity or customer reviews could damage the reputation of the business.

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