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1.A locksmith is a tradesperson who specializes in making and repairing locks. 2.Locksmiths typically use specialized tools and techniques to open locks without the original key. 3.A locksmith can make a good living by providing a wide range of services to residential, commercial and automotive customers. 4.To make money as a locksmith, you will need to acquire the necessary certifications, tools and equipment. 5.You can also join a locksmith association and attend trade shows to get more exposure to potential customers.



The average locksmith can earn $50,000 - $90,000 per year* (source: Indeed).

1.A valid locksmith license 2.Knowledge of different locks and security systems 3.Ability to work with a variety of tools 4.Customer service skills 5.Excellent problem-solving skills

⚠️Potential Risk

Difficult to acquire necessary licences and permits.
High startup costs, such as purchasing equipment, tools, and supplies.
Issues of liability, such as if a lock is damaged during installation or repair.
Competition from other established locksmiths.
Potential for criminal activity and scams.

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