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Financial Services
To make money with Notary, simply download the app and sign up for free. Then, create a profile and start bidding on Notary gigs in your area. Once you complete a Notary gig, you will earn money based on the agreed-upon price.

Category:Financial Services


In the United States, fees for notarizing a document typically range from $2 to $10 per signature.

Most states require that applicants for the office of notary have at least a high school diploma, though some states require an exam on duties and responsibilities be taken. A surety bond, which protects the public from losses incurred as a result of wrongful acts by the notary, is required in most states.

⚠️Potential Risk
There are a few risks associated with starting a Notary business, including not having enough work to justify the investment, legal action if something goes wrong with a document, and not being able to find good help if needed. However, many people find that the potential rewards outweigh the risks.

📋Places to Start
1. Upwork — a website where you can find freelance work and also hire freelancers. You can make money with Notary by becoming a freelancer and offering your services on Upwork.

2. Ziprecruiter — a tool that allows users to post and manage job listings, as well as search for and contact potential employees. It can be used to help make money with Notary by simplifying the process of finding and hiring notaries.

3. Notary Rotary — an online community of Notaries who work together to build their businesses and earn money through Notary services.

4. 123notary — a website that helps people find Notaries in their area and provides resources on how to become a Notary. Th is can be a way to make money as a Notary by providing your services to those who need them.

5. Notary Depot — a website that provides information on how to become a notary public and make money with notary services.

6. Notary Cafe — a website that helps notaries find work and get paid for their services.

7. — a website that helps people make money with Notary by providing them with information and resources.

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