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Outdoor Gear Tester

Outdoor Gear Tester

Crafts & Hobbies

Outdoor Gear Tester Testing Equipment is a tool for testing outdoor gear or equipment to ensure it meets safety and performance standards. You can make money as an Outdoor Gear Tester by testing gear for manufacturers or retailers, start a freelance business offering testing services to companies, or be hired to work as a full-time tester by a company.

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The average Outdoor Gear Tester can make up to $25 per hour*.


• Knowledge of outdoor gear and equipment

• Ability to communicate effectively

• A keen eye for detail

• Ability to provide constructive feedback

• Understanding of safety protocols with outdoor gear and equipment

⚠️Potential Risk

Risk of injury due to testing equipment malfunction.

Lack of proper safety equipment.

Potential for product liability claims.

Loss of income due to downtime for repairs.

Cost of replacing defective or damaged equipment.

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