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Pest Control

Pest Control


Pest control is the process of managing and eliminating insects and other animals that are considered a nuisance or threat to humans. Professionals in the industry work to identify, treat, and prevent pest infestations. Those who want to make money from pest control can start their own business and offer services such as inspections, treatments, and prevention plans. They can also offer educational seminars to teach people how to prevent pest infestations in their homes. Additionally, pest control professionals can work as consultants to provide advice and guidance to other businesses.



On average, self-employed pest control technicians can make around $35,000 annually*. Source:


• Knowledge of pest control techniques. 

• Ability to diagnose pest problems. 

• Ability to identify and treat a variety of pests. 

• Ability to use pest control tools and equipment. 

• A valid and up-to-date pest control license. 

⚠️Potential Risk

1. Risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals and substances.

2. Risk of accidental injury or illness due to mishandling of materials.

3. Risk of property damage due to incorrect application of pest control solutions.

4. Risk of damage to the environment due to improper disposal of chemicals.

5. Risk of legal liability for improper use of chemicals or failure to follow safety protocols.

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