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Phone Charging Station

Phone Charging Station


Phone Charging Station is a device that allows users to charge their phones in public spaces. It is a great way to generate revenue from high-traffic areas, as it is easy to set up and usually requires minimal maintenance. Phone Charging Stations can be setup in airports, malls, universities, and other public places. To make money, providers can charge a fee for each phone charging session.



The average income from a phone charging station can be between $10-$50 per day, depending on the location* (Source:


• Reliable power source – needs to be able to handle multiple phone charges at once. 

• A safe and secure environment – customers must feel safe when using the charging station. 

• Charging cables – must have a variety of charging cables to accommodate different types of phones. 

• Adequate storage – must have enough space to store the charging cables and accessories. 

• Advertising – must be able to attract customers with attractive advertisements and promotions. 

⚠️Potential Risk

• Risk of supplying faulty equipment.

• Potential threat of power surges.

• Risk of theft or vandalism of the equipment.

• Potential legal liability for any damage caused to devices.

• Risk of insufficient demand for services offered.

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