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Pool Rental

Pool Rental

Real Estate & Construction
To make money with Pool Rental, list your pool on a rental website and charge a daily or weekly fee. You will need to provide cleaning and maintenance services.

Category:Real Estate & Construction


The average person can make about $100 per day with pool rental.

To start a pool rental business, you will need a pool, a way to transport it, insurance and a way to collect payments from customers.

⚠️Potential Risk
There are a few risks when making money with pool rental; one is that the property owner may not have insurance, leaving the renter liable in the event of an accident. Secondly, the renter may not be able to find good tenants, leading to lost income. Finally, the property could incur damage during the rental period, which the renter would be responsible for repairing.

📋Places to Start
1. Swimply — an online marketplace that allows people to list their pools for others to rent. It is a great way to make money with pool rental.

2. Swimmy — a little fish who is different from all the other fish in the sea because he can swim without moving his fins. When all the other fish are swimming in a school, they are afraid of the big fish who can eat them. Swimmy shows them how to swim in a different way so they can make money with Pool Rental.

3. Vrbo — a vacation rental website where people can rent out their homes or apartments to travelers. You can make money with Pool Rental by listing your rental property on Vrbo and setting your own price.

4. — a website that provides resources and advice for entrepreneurs.

5. Peerspace — a site that helps people find and rent out unique event spaces. You can make money with Pool Rental by listing your space on Peerspace and charging a rental fee.

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