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Resume Writing

Resume Writing

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Resume writing jobs involve creating professional resumes for paying clients. Your job is to present the client's qualifications, expertise and experience in a way that will satisfy the hiring company and get them the job.

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The average person can make about $30,000 a year with resume writing.

To start a resume writing business, you'll need a strong understanding of the resume writing process, the ability to research and understand the needs of different types of job seekers, and a portfolio of sample resumes. You'll also need marketing materials and a business plan. Finally, you'll need the financial resources to get your business up and running.

⚠️Potential Risk
There are a few potential risks to making money with resume writing. The first is that you may not be able to find enough clients to make a consistent income. Another potential risk is that you may not be able to write quality resumes that actually help people get jobs. Finally, you could end up costing yourself more money in the long run if you don't properly manage your finances.

📋Places to Start
1. Teachable — an online platform that allows experts to create and sell courses on any topic. Resume writers can use Teachable to create courses on resume writing, which can then be sold to customers.

2. .Writerbay — a site where you can sign up to become a freelance writer and get paid to write resumes.

3. Upwork — a website where people can go to find freelancers to do work for them and where freelancers can go to find work. You can make money with resume writing by being a freelancer on Upwork and writing resumes for people who need them.

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