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Scanning Photographs

Scanning Photographs

To make money with scanning photographs, you can start a business scanning old photographs for people and charging a fee for your services. You can also sell scanned copies of photographs online or at local craft fairs.

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The average amount of money that one can make from scanning photographs is about $0.25 per scan.

In order to scan photographs, connect a scanner to your computer. Once connected, open the scanner software to control settings and save images.

⚠️Potential Risk
When selling scanned photographs, be aware of a few potential risks. The quality of the scan may not be high enough for some buyers. There may also be copyright issues to consider if the photos are not your own. Be aware of the market for scanned photos and set prices accordingly.

📋Places to Start
1. Shutterstock — a microstock photography website where users can buy and sell royalty-free photos, illustrations, and videos. Many people use Shutterstock to make money by scanning photographs and selling them on the site.

2. iStock — it allows users to purchase royalty-free images and videos, which they can then use to make money with their scanning photographs business.

3. Dreamstime — a microstock agency where photographers can upload their photos and earn a commission on each photo sold. They also have a section where people can submit photos they have scanned and make money that way as well.

4. Fotolia — a royalty-free stock image site where people can buy and sell images. People can make money by selling their photos on the site.

5. Can Stock Photo — a microstock photography website that allows users to upload and sell photos for a commission. Scanning photographs and uploading them to Can Stock Photo is one way to make money from home.

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