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Sell Music Beats

Sell Music Beats

Arts & Entertainment

Sell Music Beats is an online platform that enables producers to make money by selling beats to customers. Producers can upload their beats, set their own prices and customers can browse through the beats, listen to previews and purchase the beats they like. Sell Music Beats provides a secure platform for producers to make money from their beats immediately after a purchase has been made.

Category:Arts & Entertainment


The average earnings of a music producer selling beats online range from $10,000-$20,000 per year* (Industry Average).


1. Have a passion for music and knowledge of beat production

2. Have access to quality production equipment and software

3. Invest in marketing and promotional initiatives

4. Establish a good reputation and network within the industry

5. Know how to price beats and negotiate terms with buyers

⚠️Potential Risk

• Unauthorized use of copyrighted material. 

• Loss of control over content. 

• Communication with clients can be difficult. 

• Lack of knowledge in music-business legalities. 

• Unclear contractual terms and payment schedules.

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