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Teach Dance Classes

Teach Dance Classes

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Teaching dance classes is a great way to make money and share your passion for dance. To make money from teaching dance classes, you must have a valid teaching qualification and insurance. You need to advertise your classes to get people to attend. You should also set a price for your classes and decide how to collect payment. Finally, you must learn how to teach your classes effectively and make sure your students are happy.

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$25-$50 per hour* (Source:


1. Passion and knowledge of dance

2. Ability to teach and motivate students

3. Business acumen to market and promote classes

4. Flexible schedule to accommodate classes

5. Access to suitable space/venue for classes

⚠️Potential Risk

• Difficulty finding students: If you don't have an established student base, it could be tough to find people willing to take lessons.

• Physically demanding: Teaching dance classes is physically demanding and can lead to injury if instructors overwork themselves.

• Complexity of teaching: It can be difficult to teach dance classes for those who lack experience and knowledge.

• Competition: With the rise of online classes, instructors may face competition from other teachers who offer classes at a lower cost.

• Liability: Instructors may be held liable if their students are injured during classes.

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