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Wine Taster

Wine Taster

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A Wine Taster is a person who evaluates wine by taste, smell, and appearance. Wine Tasters are employed by wineries, retailers, or distributors to ensure the quality of their products. They also judge wine in competitions, or review and score wines for publications. To become a Wine Taster, one must have a strong sense of taste and smell, as well as an extensive knowledge of wines and viticulture. Wine Tasters can make money from judging competitions, writing articles, and consulting for wineries.

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You can make up to $50 per hour as a Wine Taster, according to Glassdoor*.


• Have a general knowledge of wine, including different grape varieties, winemaking processes, and regions.

• Possess strong taste buds and be able to identify different flavors and aromas.

• Have an ability to articulate your observations and opinions about the wines.

• Have proficiency in using digital and social media platforms.

• Have a great network of potential customers and contacts.

⚠️Potential Risk

Potential health risks associated with alcohol consumption.
Financial risks of investing in expensive wines.
Uncertainty of the wine market and its fluctuations.
Safety risks associated with serving alcohol to the public.
Reputational risks associated with hosting tastings.

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